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One Church. One Vision. Under One Roof.

Our 53-year history at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is full of bold risks we have taken in order to meet the needs of the community around us.

Our community has changed dramatically and once again it’s time for bold steps forward.

To continue to impact the community for the sake of the Gospel, our vision calls us to take new risks, collaboratively providing hope and wholeness to all people south of the river, with specific focus on children, seniors, and people in poverty. Our facilities need to adapt to propel us forward into our vision.

We’re not writing a new story; we’re writing a new chapter into the amazing story of God’s work at Prince of Peace.

It is, and always has been, the privilege of God’s people to pave the way for future generations of disciples. As stewards of the riches of God we trust that all we invest today will richly bless the generations of tomorrow, leaving a legacy of faith, hope, and love.

You are invited to partner in this capital campaign.

One Church.

One Vision.

Under One Roof.

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What is the purpose and goal of the One Church campaign?
The goal of the One Church campaign is to raise funds to move the Transformation Building Option from vision to reality. How much of this project we can accomplish in this first phase depends upon the generosity of the congregation. Ideally the entire project would be completed in a single phase, to save inflationary costs for construction and to transition more quickly into our new space.

God has more than enough to enable us to complete the entire project in one phase, but it will flow through the generosity of disciples just like you. No matter how much we raise in the One Church campaign, our Board of Directors has the fiscal responsibility to ensure that we make wise and sustainable financial decisions with the long-term financial health of the congregation in mind.


When does the One Church campaign begin and when does it end? What is the time line for contributions?
This is a three-year campaign with commitments beginning in May and contributions on a schedule that works best for you. Some may choose to make a one time gift, others on a regular monthly basis or annually.


How do I learn more about the building project?
To get information on the construction, visit our website at


How can I be a part of the campaign right now?
Hundreds of volunteers will be needed throughout the campaign. If you are interested in volunteering please email or call the church office at 952-435-8102. And pray for the success of this campaign.


Will there be more than one campaign?
There may be a second campaign, depending on the funds raised in this three year period, other sources of revenue available and the resources needed to complete the project.


How will the One Church campaign and construction affect our regular operating budget?
Gifts to the One Church campaign should be above and beyond your regular offering. Your mission and ministry offering supports our ongoing ministry and regular operating budget. The capital campaign dollars will be used to support the construction.


Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes! Your gifts are tax deductible if you itemize your contributions when filing your tax return. If you have questions, please contact your tax advisor. The giving chart below may be helpful in planning your gift as it demonstrates how a weekly gift can grow over a one or three year period.

My weekly Gift:

Amounts to annual gift of:

Amounts to a three year gift of:

































May I give electronically? Are there other giving options?
You may complete the electronic giving section on your commitment card, or enroll in electronic giving at Besides cash, you may contribute gifts of stock and other securities. Charitable IRA Distributions for those over 70-½ provide several tax advantages. Consult your tax or financial advisor.


How can I be a part of making this campaign a success?

  1. Pray. God, What would you like to do through us at this time in order to do your will for our church and our surrounding community?
  2. Pick up your informational packet the weekends of March 11-12 or 18-19
  3. Stay informed. Be an ambassador!
  4. Prayerfully respond/return your commitment card. What would God have you give as part of this campaign to bless future generations?


Information Packets & First Gifts
Information packets will be distributed after all services the weekends of March 11-12 and 18-19. Commitment cards and offering envelopes for the campaign will be mailed in April. Commitment cards will be brought to worship on May 6-7 and our total commitments will be celebrated the weekend of May 20-21, along with our first gifts to the campaign.


Giving Challenge
The One Church campaign is not just about raising money. It’s an opportunity to grow in our faith. Generosity is a two-sided coin. On the one side, our generosity will provide for our ministry today and for generations to come. All we invest in today will richly bless future generations while meeting our current needs. But on the flip side, our generosity is also an opportunity for each of us to grow in faith.

Jesus once said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Since God wants our hearts, our giving becomes a means of investing more of our heart into God’s work in the world. Sacrificial giving also teaches us to trust in God’s provision, rather than our reserves. So, generosity is a win-win. Future generations will be blessed, and so will we!

Make a Major Gift – If you’ve been financially blessed, pray and consider making a Major Gift of $50,000, $1,000,000 or more.

Make a Lead Gift – If financially possible, pray and consider making a gift of $10,000-$50,000 over the next three years.

Matching Gift – As a starting point we ask you to pray and consider matching your current offering over the next three years. If you contribute $50/week would you give an additional $50/week to the One Church campaign?